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testing... 1, 2... 3?

so, as i'm a nerd, and i have recieved a free copy of eTrust Antivirus, i'm giving it a test run. i want to see how it runs versus the standard Norton stuff.

i'm also debating replacing Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15a with Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5... i'm not sure though. Tiny has served me well for many years, and its super easy to configure, custom rules are easy, and has a very stripped down UI (which i prefer). it hasnt give me any headaches in all these years.

so, i am reluctant.

so, eTrust is super low on the resource scale, which is a definite plus. it doesnt lag my system nearly as bad as NAV did.

and now, i'm trying to find an evaluation copy of BitDefender AntiVirus. no one has ever heard of it, but, the previous version was really nice, and got its updates super fast, and the UI was a billion times cleaner than NAV.

ah well. just how things go. i do hope to get an eval copy soon.
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