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geeksarehot's Journal

Geeks are HOT!
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This community (maintained by your ever-lovin' worldforger) is for all geeks and those who find geekness hot!

There are many geek communities on LJ, including those primarily for guys into geek girls and girls into geek guys. I presume there are also gay geek communities. So how is this one any different?

This is a place for everyone who finds geekness of any sort sexy; girl, guy or other. Do you look at Lisa Loeb or Linus Torvalds and drool? Do brainy/geeky specimens of your gender of choice get your engine running? This place is for you.

Your gender or gender of choice makes no difference here. (Although your moderator is boringly straight.)

This community is to post thoughts about geekness in general, pictures of that geek girl/guy/person of indeterminate gender you find so hot, and just in general to explore the relationship between geekness and romance or just plain old fashioned geek lust. Hell, post pics of yourself geeking if you so desire (please use cut tags). Any and all geek-related posts are fine.

If you join, please post a link to us in your journal to recruit other geeks and lovers of geeks.